Potatoland.org presents:
Studio Clearance Sale  
Hundreds of obsolete art objects must go! 

With the advent of web-based artwork the art object has become obsolete. A new conception of a shifting, mobile aesthetic experience is replacing the traditional notion of art as a static precious object. In response to this new climate in the art world, Potatoland.org is sponsoring it's first Studio Clearance Sale to move it's inventory of obsolete art objects including:

  • paintings on paper
  • paintings on canvas
  • hundreds of outdated concepts

Not cheap imitations, these are all original works by ex-painter Mark Napier. Born in the suburbs of New Jersey and trained on the streets of New York city, Napier produced literally hundreds of paintings in the tradition of the Soho Postmodern school. Now that Napier has exchanged his paints and studio for Photoshop and a website he's slashing prices to liquidate his inventory of obsolete art.

We've reworked these outdated artworks into new, useful and convenient forms, easier to purchase, easier to ship, and easier on your wallet. Now anybody can own a piece of art.


Pieces of Art - Why pay outrageous prices for oversized fine art when you can buy a Piece of Art!   Click here to have a convenient postcard sized unique artwork mailed to you in just days.


ArtTape - In keeping with our mission - More Art for More People - we're inventing a new breed of art dispensing and distribution systems. With ArtTape you get a poster sized painting cut into conveniently sized pieces and pre-applied to tape. Check out this revolutionary concept in art display.


Art-tainers - You want art that feels 'right' in your home. What could be more fitting in today's hectic world than fine art Chinese Food Containers. Take a look at how practical fine art can be.


Order now! Stay tuned for new products coming soon to the Studio Clearance Sale:
  • ArtRoll - convenient wall mounted fine art dispenser
  • ArtVelopes - envelopes of fine art mailed to your home
  • Art Flakes - carton made from 100% recycled fine art